What is the road paved with?

The answer might seem to be good intentions. Not a great or durable driving surface for a car or life. Good intentions can be misinterpreted. Good intentions can lead to disappointment. Good intentions are the stuff over promise and under deliver is made from. Good intentions are words not actions.

What is a better pavement? Actions. Live your road with actions. Which are intentions fulfilled.

Food for thought. Over scheduled, wanting something for others that they don’t want with the same conviction, is really nothing more that good intentions with a false premise.

Think before you intend. It will save a ton of wasted energy.


When we doubt

It happens everyday, sometimes it encompasses the whole day. I can say from my own experience, it is usually wrong and holds back my growth.

How do I overcome my self doubt? Prayer, people and review.

Pray is the most powerful weapon to fight doubt. God has no desire for us to live in fear and failure. He is always listening. But am I listening to Him? That is the key.

People can either feed my doubt or walk me through it. Those that tear us down, criticize and do not offer support are only keeping is from moving forward. Those how listen, empathize or sympathize, offer love and compassion and accept us as we are give us the lift we need to over come.

When I review how the ability I doubt has performed in the past, many times it shows the false reality of my doubting.

We need God, people who authentically support us and unbiased review.


Fear is the Great Deceiver

#fear is the great #deceiver. When fear grips you and smothers your confidence and fuels self doubt, then is the time to move forward toward the darkness and take back victory over the false pretenses created by past experiences. You are greatness, seize the day! #jayjasper #jayjasperassociates #orangeistruth


Why we must band together


Today, in the era of smart phones, apps, Skype, Facebook live, artificial intelligence, distruptors, discounters, limited service, we are losing and in some cases have lost the strength of discussion, brainstorming, collaboration and old school networking.

Clearly, we are at a crossroads.  There is immense pressure to grasp the latest wave of technology and leave behind the art of conversation, sales skills, empathy, sympathy and mentor-ship.  We seem to have strayed off course as the news about the end of full service companies is imminent.  I wholeheartedly disagree.

Today was a prime example.  An exceptional agent in our office, stepped up and shared her process for what I would call forensic pricing.  Some would say why would anyone share their secrets?  The answer, for the good of the collective.  The strength of our company, its agents and for ourselves.

I continue to watch our industry cannibalize itself by feeding the Zillow machine in the hopes of circumventing the old school art of human contact, networking, farming and prospecting.  And yet, in the end, people crave interaction with trusted advisors.  No matter how much raw data is out there, it needs to be interpreted, wisdom applied and a plan of guidance for success needs to be created.  That is where banding together comes into play.   The power of many strengthen the goals of the individual.

Our corporate ownership in many of the major real estate companies seem to quick to neglect cultivation of their largest assets; agent and staff.  Tired scripts, aligning with Zillow and lack of personal development programs are leaving the dinosaurs in the dust.

I am a believer in mentor leadership.  Teaching and learning together where the leaders derive their mark of success based on the success of those they mentor.

Our new legion of professionals are in dire need of mentor leadership.  Practical education.  Forward approaches to classic sales principles.  I know I will not stand by and fade into the sunset.  The soldiers on the ground need to band together, save their industry and provide the legions of buyers and sellers what they are dying to have.  Professional, trusted advice, guidance and wisdom.

Keep the apps.  Keep the teams that only enrich the one.  Band together in collaboration and thrive by the diversity of those that are all around you.





What did you learn?

What did you learn today?

In the business of real estate, the focus is on the art of the deal.  In getting the transaction to closing, to payday.  But where was it ever written that we get to choose only the fun parts of the art of the deal?  Where are the lessons learned that serve us and our clients in the future.  Where is the highest level of knowledge gained?  I would challenge anyone by saying in the art of the deal gone off the tracks.

When all goes well, we go through the numerous steps that we have become accustom to following.    This applies to any business, hobby, relationship or classroom experience we have.  While there are always bumps in the road, we navigate from our past experience and bring our goal to a successful conclusion.  But with this there is very little growth.

When our goal goes awry, we have a fork in the road.  A fork that will either lead to greater success, or a cycle of falling into the same cycle again, blaming someone else, calling it bad luck, or worse, telling ourselves that we are failures.

A more constructive path would hit the following thoughts:

  1. Seek a solution for the obstucle
  2. Seek the guidance of peers and leaders
  3. Isolate areas where a different action would have created a better outcome
  4. Be honest, admit any mistakes, rectify where possible
  5. Grant yourself a degree of latitude.  We are all human.
  6. Make note of how this experience can be used constructively in future goals or transactions
  7. Let go, focus on the next objective, find success quickly

When we view failed goals as text book and practical learning, we have bettered ourselves, added value to pass on to the next client and have prevented the cycle of self destruction.

Be a student of life, not a martyr of failure.  It happens to all, if we don’t see that, then we are just living in denial and mediocrity.