Humbly Observe

Beyond Human Understanding

So much is happening. Success, crisis, sickness, hate, growth, fatigue. Beyond human understanding. Part of a battle between good and evil. On the surface, it appears ideological, right verses left, red verses blue. But deeper than this, it is the battle of good verses evil.

I am not calling anyone person or group evil. Many might interpret it that way. But what is happening before our very eyes is from a war beyond our comprehension. Never could such a divide and hatred come from ideology alone. This is the super natural battle for souls. Battle for freedom. Battle for a way of life. Battle for our eternal salvation.

I stop today and step back. I evaluate what I can control, or think I can control. But in doing so, I am humbled by my mortality. By the fact that I am truly in control of nothing except for one thing. My faith. Because without faith, the world appears hopeless. Anxiety rules via sickness, insomnia, despair, depression.

God is in control. That is where my Hope lies. That is what I can control. My faith. On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand.

Pray today and everyday for strengthening of faith. Because in faith we are given Peace that surpasses all human understanding. With this Peace we are given the ability to see the pain of others and weather this storm which will pass. We, in faith, are a beacon to those who are lost in the darkness of today.


What is the road paved with?

The answer might seem to be good intentions. Not a great or durable driving surface for a car or life. Good intentions can be misinterpreted. Good intentions can lead to disappointment. Good intentions are the stuff over promise and under deliver is made from. Good intentions are words not actions.

What is a better pavement? Actions. Live your road with actions. Which are intentions fulfilled.

Food for thought. Over scheduled, wanting something for others that they don’t want with the same conviction, is really nothing more that good intentions with a false premise.

Think before you intend. It will save a ton of wasted energy.


Whose your hero?

Mother’s Day! A day that really does not due justice for mom’s. It is a day laden with commercialism, obligation and at times remorse. It is the scapegoat for 364 days of the forgotten hero’s mom’s are. You see, while we hold up in the limelight the hero’s of history, and rightfully so, we forget about what true heroism is and how our mothers are truly hero’s everyday. Being a hero is all about courage and facing the onslaught of fear that grips us from the moment we get up in the morning, to the last blink before we fall asleep. And, even in our dreams fear can grip us.

So as far as the definition of a hero goes, my choice is a mom, my mom, Corice Jasper. Mom’s are the queens of worry. My mom has been mom to so many! Obviously to me and Amy Jasper. Even though we get irritated at her line of questioning, concern and worry, we are blessed to have such a pray warrior and hero in our corner.

Also, mom was mom to dad. Making sure he was fed, being a pillar of support both in life and in faith, taking care of him in good and in bad, in great health and in his last days. Setting aside her own fears to heroically be strong.

Mom is mom to her grandchildren, Taylor Jasper and Kylie Jasper. From their births, through colic, sickness, joys and heartache, mom set aside her own needs to mother these precious gifts. Mom is the listing ear, the gentle scolding and the unconditional love that her grandchildren need. A safe haven. She has had to set aside her fears about their futures to be support today. At a beckoned call.

Mom is mom to her brothers, Paul Kranz and Curt Kranz. Guiding and leading. Caring and offering tough love. But, no matter what, loyal to the end.

Mom was mom to her parents and dad’s parents. Giving sacrificially to their care and service. Driving hours monthly, nursing them in their twilight years with unsurpassed love. Sacrificing her own desires for the sake of their needs.

Mom has been mom to her nieces and nephews. Even when she has not had contact with them, she cares about their well being, their health, their joy and sorrow. Stephen Kranz Paula Broadwell MikeandLori Kranz Clark Kranz Chuck Kranz Scott Sternberg Stephen Beckström-Sternberg Lisa Mullin Annette Sternberg Benavides

Mom has been mom to many, many of her close friends. Giving them their shots, listening to their grief, sadness, joy and fears. She has been a regular visitor of those friends shut in, bring meals and loading her car trunk with their junk!

My mom is a fiercely independent woman. While none of us are saints, she, in her imperfect perfection, has lived a giving life for us all. Thank you mom.





Judge people by where they came from

… Judge people by where they’re going

Choices come with responsibility

… People can’t be trusted to make good choices


… Affiliate

Redemption is possible

… Past actions define the future

People with authority should be held accountable

… People with authority should do what they want

It’s most efficient to slot people into tracks early

… There’s potential in everyone

Because I said so

… Let’s figure it out

Talent is inborn

… Skill is earned

Investing in culture change pays off

… People are separate from the culture

Push people away

… Pull people closer

Conserve it for later

… Use it all

Wait to get picked

… Pick yourself

It takes a village

… You can do it by yourself

Look forward

… Look back


… Create


… Safety


… Follow

Open doors for others

… Take what you can

As long as it’s not against the law it’s fine

… Do what’s right


… Governance


… Now




Opportunity knocks constantly. Do the routine with enthusiasm. Think of others first. Get by giving, God is masterfully in control. Faith does not count the minutes, faith lives in the minutes with gratitude and anticipation of the miracles in store for us. Fear is lack of faith. #orangeistruth

The Haboob of Everyday


When I moved to Arizona, I never thought much about this phenomenon call the haboob.  A sand storm.  I only thought this happened in the movies like Laurence of Arabia.  But, in the first month I was here, I experienced a haboob first hand.  I was in downtown Tempe, walking from my car to a restaurant, when, like in slow motion, I saw this wall of dust and dirt, a black cloud rolling in.  I turned around, got in my car and decided to head home.  As I was driving, the dust started to blow, and envelop the cars around me.  Next, it started to rain MUD!  Cars were pulling over, turning on their emergency flashers, and like a blizzard, traffic on the I-10 came to a halt.  After the pause, the rain continued and cleared the air of the dust and everyone started to move again.

Much like our lives.  I have experienced may haboob’s of life.  It is tempting to keep driving on, somewhat without direction.  Unaware of the path to success or the danger that is right around us.  These haboob’s of life have become a warning for me to stop, pause, let the air clear, reoriented myself.  Even though it does not seem natural to pause; we might miss a deal, or miss out on an opportunity, but in the end, we do not have the clarity to take advantage of the best that life and business have to offer.

This has been a hard lesson for me to learn.  But, the haboob keeps moving.  So when we pause, it blows on past leaving us with a vision for the mess around us and the path to navigate the obstacles heading to a higher level of prosperity.

Pause, Look and Listen.  Haboob’s are only temporary if we left them move on by.

#OrangeisTruth #JayJasper #DesertSellerAZ


fast paced

Fast pace, multi-task, rise to the top, I deserve it, it’s all about me.  Sound familiar?  We are all guilty in some capacity of uttering these phrases.  Coming from an environment of upper midwest guilt, there can be great negativity associated with a persons desire to rise to the top, be the best and know it, feeling deserving of the good life.  While I believe that we are put here on this earth to be successful in our calling, this may, in many instances, not be by being at the center of the spotlight.  In fact I challenge the notion.

#HelpOthers.  Simple, easy to do. Even in the smallest way.  Want to have an impact on our families, places of work, neighborhoods, cities, countries, the world?  #HelpOthers.  Set aside bias, judgement, fear, pity, superiority, just #HelpOthers.

In my study of Mentor Leadership, the premise is based on this very simple two-word phrase #HelpOthers.  One of my favorites Zig Ziglar quotes “You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”  Simple.  But true.  If you haven’t done this, or not done this in a while, think about a time when you helped someone out with purely good intentions.  Not expecting something in return.  Not looking for a pat on the back.  I will bet that as you reflect, something good came back to you.  Not necessarily immediately, nor related to the help you provided. But we feel better, our hearts warm and the impact on one person or group spreads exponentially.  This very act of selfless #HelpOthers can change another persons day from bad to good.  This in turn can affect how they act toward others and even better may drive them to selflessly help someone else.  Simple.  #HelpOthers

I struggle when I am the busiest, under the most stress and pressure to be mindful to #HelpOthers.  But when I keep that intentional mindset in my mind, no matter how stressed or busy, when I #HelpOthers, it reliefs my situation.

We do not know what is truly happening in others lives.  No matter that front that they put on, fear , helplessness, sadness and loneliness surround everyone to some degree.

Are you willing to make a difference in someone elses life today?  #HelpOthers.  Share the thought.  Share the hashtag #HelpOthers.  STOP! SLOW DOWN! #HELPOTHERS

“We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.” — Winston Churchill

In the third person

Have you been in a room full of people, or a meeting or been driving and the keen awareness of ones self becomes vivid, multi dimensional, as if observing yourself from the upper corner of the room?

Funny how it is at times hard to explain to others.  Difficult to describe the sensation of awareness, being fully present and watching the flow of others knowing instinctively the course that will be taken.  Seeing the solution before the problem, and experiencing self realization of the gift the has been given in the moment.

Sound odd?  Maybe.  But the more accepting of myself, my gifts and the more I listen, ask questions and observe others, the more awareness I gain.

It has nothing to do with ego, and all to do with self acceptance, appreciation and acknowledgement of our greatness.

The old phrase, “stop and smell the roses” has real meaning.  For if we allow our senses, all of them, to take it all in, not only do we dive deep into gratitude for the impact on our senses, but the ability  for personal awakening has a fighting chance.

Stop, listen, observe.  Accept your gifts.  Your greatness.  An open mind to our surroundings is a divine gift.  20180608_081651

Moms, a Perfectly Imperfect Form of Love

Moms.  What would be do without them.  There has always been a very high expectation put on mothers’ from my perspective.  The unsung hero’s of the family.  They are the ones who enjoy the pain of child birth, nurse their child at all hours of the nights, hold the household together and in most cases carry on a career to boot.  Simple super hero’s.

But as I have come to understand, mom’s are just human beings with a God given task of bearing the next generation with the same human frailty that everyone has.  Mom’s are a product of their own DNA, environment as a child and have learned the good and the bad from their mother’s and father’s.  As we get older, we seem to expect that our mom’s should not make mistakes, should not have their own wants and desires and should be perfect.  Impossible due to the human element.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to dive deep into my past, take a look at my mom from a third party point of view and have come to understand that she, like all mom’s does that best that she can with the information and training she has as a child.  We expect that our mom’s will have all the answers, will make all the right choices, will not falter , become jealous, be angry or be selfish once in a while.  But that is unfair of us.

Mom’s are just as human as the rest of us.  Only they have a weightier responsibility.  Today, as we at times superficially celebrate Mothers Day, go beyond the card, flowers or candy and tell mom how thankful we are for her heroic leadership, sometimes in the most difficult of situations, as acknowledge her human frailty.

I appreciate my mom so much more now that I have a clearer understanding of her humanity and understand more of the whys of the past and cherish the wisdom she has now as priceless.