The Orange Minute, episode 3

In a predicted longer term inventory squeeze in the housing market,we guide our clients to make strategic decisions and plans to capitalize on the sellers market and prepare for opportunity in the future. #orangeistruth #jayjasper #desertselleraz #berkshirehathawayhomeservices #realestate #jayjasperassociates #luxurylife #luxuryhome #luxuriousliving #luxurylifestyle #lifestylechoices #wisdom #insight #planning #liveinarizona #choices #prepare.#business #arizonarealestate #berkshirehathaway #scottsdale #trustworthy #phoenix #arizona #entrepreneur #success #leadership #truth #entrepreneurship #smallbusiness #subscribe #service


Episode 3

The Orange Minute, Truth in Real Estate episode 1

Today, professional real estate counsel is more important than ever. The #orange minute. #truth in #realestate

#orangeistruth #jayjasper #desertselleraz #berkshirehathawayhomeservices #jayjasperassociates #luxurylife #luxuryhome #luxuriousliving #luxurylifestyle #lifestylechoices #wisdom #insight #authentic

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If your habit is to clear your throat, apologize a few times, minimize the quality of the work you’re about to share and in general, apologize for the assertions you’re about to make…

you probably realize that this is not an effective way to give a talk, lead a class or have a strategic discussion.

Consider carrying a coin in your pocket, one that’s large, or in a foreign currency.

Every time you feel like you need to minimize your contribution, simply stop and turn the coin over. You can count that as your obligation fulfilled.

And then you can get back to work.

[This isn’t simply an analogy. It actually works.]




The razors edge difference.

What defines the difference between self doubt and invincible greatness? It is that one person who sees us as we are and believes in us. The simple phrase ” I believe in you” can be the game changer.

Let someone know that you believe in them. They need to know.



Opportunity knocks constantly. Do the routine with enthusiasm. Think of others first. Get by giving, God is masterfully in control. Faith does not count the minutes, faith lives in the minutes with gratitude and anticipation of the miracles in store for us. Fear is lack of faith. #orangeistruth

Why we must band together


Today, in the era of smart phones, apps, Skype, Facebook live, artificial intelligence, distruptors, discounters, limited service, we are losing and in some cases have lost the strength of discussion, brainstorming, collaboration and old school networking.

Clearly, we are at a crossroads.  There is immense pressure to grasp the latest wave of technology and leave behind the art of conversation, sales skills, empathy, sympathy and mentor-ship.  We seem to have strayed off course as the news about the end of full service companies is imminent.  I wholeheartedly disagree.

Today was a prime example.  An exceptional agent in our office, stepped up and shared her process for what I would call forensic pricing.  Some would say why would anyone share their secrets?  The answer, for the good of the collective.  The strength of our company, its agents and for ourselves.

I continue to watch our industry cannibalize itself by feeding the Zillow machine in the hopes of circumventing the old school art of human contact, networking, farming and prospecting.  And yet, in the end, people crave interaction with trusted advisors.  No matter how much raw data is out there, it needs to be interpreted, wisdom applied and a plan of guidance for success needs to be created.  That is where banding together comes into play.   The power of many strengthen the goals of the individual.

Our corporate ownership in many of the major real estate companies seem to quick to neglect cultivation of their largest assets; agent and staff.  Tired scripts, aligning with Zillow and lack of personal development programs are leaving the dinosaurs in the dust.

I am a believer in mentor leadership.  Teaching and learning together where the leaders derive their mark of success based on the success of those they mentor.

Our new legion of professionals are in dire need of mentor leadership.  Practical education.  Forward approaches to classic sales principles.  I know I will not stand by and fade into the sunset.  The soldiers on the ground need to band together, save their industry and provide the legions of buyers and sellers what they are dying to have.  Professional, trusted advice, guidance and wisdom.

Keep the apps.  Keep the teams that only enrich the one.  Band together in collaboration and thrive by the diversity of those that are all around you.






fast paced

Fast pace, multi-task, rise to the top, I deserve it, it’s all about me.  Sound familiar?  We are all guilty in some capacity of uttering these phrases.  Coming from an environment of upper midwest guilt, there can be great negativity associated with a persons desire to rise to the top, be the best and know it, feeling deserving of the good life.  While I believe that we are put here on this earth to be successful in our calling, this may, in many instances, not be by being at the center of the spotlight.  In fact I challenge the notion.

#HelpOthers.  Simple, easy to do. Even in the smallest way.  Want to have an impact on our families, places of work, neighborhoods, cities, countries, the world?  #HelpOthers.  Set aside bias, judgement, fear, pity, superiority, just #HelpOthers.

In my study of Mentor Leadership, the premise is based on this very simple two-word phrase #HelpOthers.  One of my favorites Zig Ziglar quotes “You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”  Simple.  But true.  If you haven’t done this, or not done this in a while, think about a time when you helped someone out with purely good intentions.  Not expecting something in return.  Not looking for a pat on the back.  I will bet that as you reflect, something good came back to you.  Not necessarily immediately, nor related to the help you provided. But we feel better, our hearts warm and the impact on one person or group spreads exponentially.  This very act of selfless #HelpOthers can change another persons day from bad to good.  This in turn can affect how they act toward others and even better may drive them to selflessly help someone else.  Simple.  #HelpOthers

I struggle when I am the busiest, under the most stress and pressure to be mindful to #HelpOthers.  But when I keep that intentional mindset in my mind, no matter how stressed or busy, when I #HelpOthers, it reliefs my situation.

We do not know what is truly happening in others lives.  No matter that front that they put on, fear , helplessness, sadness and loneliness surround everyone to some degree.

Are you willing to make a difference in someone elses life today?  #HelpOthers.  Share the thought.  Share the hashtag #HelpOthers.  STOP! SLOW DOWN! #HELPOTHERS

“We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.” — Winston Churchill